FASHION: The fashion of designer eyewear.


The fashion of designer eyewear

Love them or hate them, glasses are here to stay. In fact, glasses have managed to successfully evolve from being essential (and often hated) visual aids to the iconic fashion symbols they are today. Just take a look at the people around you as you go out and about on the street, and you are sure to notice a few sporting distinctive eyewear.

306794_1_800One of the biggest fashion trends lately is the rise of branded frames. Whether you wear specs for fashion or to correct your eyesight, branded frames are the way to go. Why put up with dowdy glasses when you can easily (and affordably) get a pair that reflects your unique personality?

Also, keep in mind that sunglasses are gradually becoming a year-round accessory. You needn’t wait for the bright summer months to shield your eyes from the rest of the world. Now you can add a bit of mystique and style to your wardrobe anytime you please by dressing your eyes to suit your outfit.


Brand designers have caught on to this trend and are starting to push the envelope as far as eyewear is concerned. Here are three of the popular trends in the sunglasses market this year:

  • Cat-eye. This trend is no longer the preserve of the older generation. Eyewear designers have modified this classic specs look by giving frames subtle sharp angles on the far edges. Cat-eye frames now only soar slightly upwards at the tips and feature various patterns on the front and sides.
  • Tropicana. Borrowing inspiration from lush tropical gardens, designers are now rolling out frames decorated with loud flowery prints. These sunglasses typically feature oversized frames with bright exotic blooms designed to grab your attention.
  • Geek chic. This trend shows no signs of going out of style. Currently, geek chic glasses are based on oversized, chunky, retro frames reminiscent of the 1970s styles. You can add detail to these glasses with glitter or two-toned frames to make your eyewear stand out.

238687_2_800 238687_1_800Your prescription glasses don’t have to be boring either. You can play around with different frames or get bolder by experimenting with different lenses as well. These days you can opt for reaction lenses that tint heavily in the sun so your specs can double up as sunglasses to help protect your eyes.

If you are fed up with wearing glasses, or would just like to change your look, consider getting laser eye surgery. A quick online check can put you in touch with the best eye care professionals in your area. For instance, if you are in Denver, simply search for Denver LASIK eye surgery online to find the best eye surgeons to help with your laser eye surgery.

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Contact lenses are another option if you want to play sports or simply take a break from specs. However, they require a lot of care, and you should contact an eye care practitioner to find out if they are suitable for you.

Remember that your eyes are delicate and should be dressed with care, just like the rest of your body. Whether you need sunglasses or prescription specs, take time to find frames that complement your face and make you stand out from the crowd.


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