FASHION: Valentino “Souvenir” jackets.

Souvenirvalentino_fy2The palette of vivid patterns, Japanese vibe, Hawaii zone and high street couture is what Valentino distinctively present by the latest collection of “Souvenir” Jacket for Spring/Summer 2016.  The capsule collection of “Souvenir” jacket is a perfect unveiling of 7 styles – so poised, nonchalant and suave in one. The baseball jacket according to Valentino is a statement that can be simply turned into a high street gem with the mastership of Japanese dragon art, animal motifs, butterfly effect.

There is a huge scope for mixture – mixture of chic styles, military designs mingled with subtlety of butterflies or harshness of a dragon.  The symphony of colors is also interlaced with the ethereal of Hawaian blossoms. The garment is made of high quality satin with the handcrafted embroidery. The jacket stands for a clash of sporty chic with the baseball jacket staple and refined statement of Valentino with the uber high vibe.  This amazing capsule collection is available on Valentino website.

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Souvenirvalentino_fy10 Souvenirvalentino_fy11 Souvenirvalentino_fy9 Souvenirvalentino_fy8 Souvenirvalentino_fy7 Souvenirvalentino_fy6 Souvenirvalentino_fy5 Souvenirvalentino_fy4 Souvenirvalentino_fy3 Souvenirvalentino_fy2 Souvenirvalentino_fy1


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