FASHION FOCUS: 15 Must Have Layering Essentials.

Whether you’re layering to keep warm or to keep up with fashion trends, there are several different essentials that anyone who wants to layer their look will need to include in their wardrobe. But, what are the 15 must have layering essentials that will keep your layered look easy no matter the season?



This one speaks for itself. Sweaters are an absolute essential, especially if you’re planning on layering for the winter months. They can be paired with just about any other top, jeans, slacks, or dresses; making them a staple in any layering wardrobe.

Camisoles & Cami tops are absolutely necessary for any layered look. This is especially true when you’re layering in the warmer months and may not want to overheat. A cami will help to round out your look, providing a base layer for you to build upon. Camisoles can be found in a plethora of colors, sizes, cuts, and patterns which also makes them a good accent piece for your look.

Skinny Jeans.


Skinny jeans, while some people may fear them, are actually quite important in a layered look. The major reason skinny jeans are a staple for layering is that you can layer on top of them without worrying about bunching or bulk around your calves or ankles.

Thin Long Sleeved Shirt.

Thin long sleeved shirts may seem a dime a dozen but they can be found in many different colors and prints. They’re a great way to get an airy layered look for the warmer months without having to try too hard. They also can make a fantastic lower layer of your winter layered looks.

A Sturdy Coat.


This is especially true for winter layering. This is the outermost layer of your winter layering outfit so it has to keep up with the rest of your look. For example, a pea coat would work exceptionally well over a bulky sweater that has been layered over a sheer long sleeved shirt.


This is pretty self explanatory. Boots are an essential to layering because of their ability to provide warmth, comfort, and a great visual appeal.

A Scarf.


Scarves can be found in just about any shape, size, color, and print that is out there. It makes them an absolute essential to layering, especially in the winter months as they’re a very useful accessory meant for more than to look pretty.

Long Sleeved Dress.

A long sleeve dress is an absolute must-have no matter the time of year. They can be a great foundation for building your layered look. Whether you want to wear tights, leggings, a cardigan, or an oversized sweater, a long sleeve dress will help to boost these layers to the peak of their perfection.



Blazers are classic and very chic; this is why they’re an essential to layering, especially if you want to wear layers to a professional environment. They will transition well from day to night with very little effort.


One of the top accessories out there, a hat will help to pull a layered look together. The very  interesting accessory solution can be alos unveiled by hair bands


A nice blouse is a final layer that is meant to peak out of your layered look. However, it can also be worn just above a Cami to create a layered neckline.


Graphic Tees.

If you’re going for an edgier layered look, a graphic tee will help to create a more casual layered look.




An essential in all looks, jewelry accessories are a must-have with layered outfits to help create a polished look. Sometimes all you need is to add some captivating sunglasses to top u. 

Bags or Clutches.

A purse or a clutch can definitely help to elevate your layered look by accentuating patterns or color pallets. 

Flannel Button Ups.

Flannel has made a comeback in a big way, making it one of the absolute essentials to creating a layered spring or fall look.

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