Fashion Inspiration: Sylvio Giardina S-k-I-N Spring Summer 2016.

“Skin as birth and rebirth, skin as identity”.


The new Spring-Summer 2016 collection by Sylvio Giardina is highly inspired with an ancient Bantu love song. The concept of skin highlights the expression of cultural identities. Ranging from the great decorations of African women the enduring marks on their body draw to enhance their sensuality. The inspiration delves  to the modernity of Ariana Page Russell –  an artist who uses her skin’s hypersensitivity as a canvas on tracing emotions.SylvioGiardinaSS16-03-620x930 SylvioGiardinaSS16-14-620x930

Fabrics are stroked by scratches and concentric circles thanks to which their outline turns into stylistic language.  The great decorations’ impact forms the body and create new lines. The effect is marvelous because of the reversion that is created on the body scheme is traditionally conjured up by garments. The collection unveils outstanding approaches and transformations of the body. SylvioGiardinaSS16-05-620x930 SylvioGiardinaSS16-15-620x930The dress concept is conceived as an artistic/architectonic support. The idea of a dress showcases ‘sculpture dresses’ by dint of technical study of shapes and volumes, together with material experimentation.  The Italian “handmade” sartorial tradition and the use of new technologies are the brand’s distinguished foundations. SylvioGiardinaSS16-18-620x930 SylvioGiardinaSS16-08-620x930Fabrics: cady, piquet, duchess, cotton, jersey, tulle;
Colors: white, blue, yellow, green, sky-blue, dark-blue, gold, caramel;
The Spring/Summer 2016 collection also introduces a new accessory project: geometric shapes yield micro-installations that decorate the body and create different combinations that trigger the wearer’s whim.
Materials: brass, Plexiglas;

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