DESIGN: Kinetic ‘Insecta’ Lamps by U-Ram Choe.

At first sight, it looks like a meticulous construction that was created with the passion to every single detail and impressive knowledge about technology and design. Kinetic ‘Insecta’ Lamps by U-Ram Choe_1However, when this object shows its real usage, we are witnessing the transformation from the static figure with a captivating design to the micro-machinery of a lamp with kinetic attributes and artistic aesthetics.  The unique piece of art and technology is created by Korean sculptor  U-Ram Choe who is well-known by his artworks that implement the law of kinesiology, intricacy and functional design. Kinetic Insecta Lamps by U-Ram Choe

The “Insecta” Lamp is not only impressive from the static side. When switched, the device showcases elaborate set of five wing-like appendages. The kinetic function appears when the wings start to cycle through a gentle flapping motion. Kinetic ‘Insecta’ Lamps by U-Ram Choe_2

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For the presentation of Insecta Lamp, check also the video:

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