Foto Michele Miglionico.4 (rid)Haute Couture creation always have something sacral in the concept. This specific Dignity that only passionate professionals and can raise on their arms. This is not only excellent craftsmanship, skills and experience but true passion, talent and pure concept in artist’s mind.

The fashion designers that create haute couture are artisans in their profession that are able to create a piece of attire from any kind of fabrics and materials staying true to their own style and beliefs simultaneously. Following the sacral insights of fashion, we would like to present the exhibition of the Italian fashion designer Michele Miglionico.

The event “Madonnas Lucane” was presented in the picturesque Church consecrated century Santa Maria di Loreto in Rome. The the designer Michele Miglionico showcased his Haute Couture collection saturated with the Italian elegance and tradition.

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The presentation that took place in the Church of Santa Maria di Loreto in Piazza della Madonna di Loreto, 26 in Rome (Piazza Venezia – Colonna Traiana) – was performed during the calendar AltaRoma. Michele Miglionico presented his haute couture collection “Madonna Lucane” for autumn / winter 2015/16.

The event was supported by the Pio Sodalizio dei Fornai Italiani Roma, the Local Action Group (GAL) “La Cittadella del Sapere”, the sponsorship of the APT Basilicata, the contribution of Arte Vetrina Roma and Mosaico Casting.

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Fifteen white mannequins were installed on the nave of the church facing the altar. , The presentation gave a solemn, magical, mysterious and poignant insight by the designer. As he admitted, the designer was inspired by the tradition, the artistic and cultural heritage of his homeland with the exaltation of the elements of the costume Lucan , craftsmanship, the sacredness by building a connection with the contemporary fashion inspired by the Madonna venerated in this land and brought in procession.

The story exhibits strong images of Italian tradition in Haute Couture. They are intense and mesmerizing enough to engage the five senses. The start of the event was initiated with the light filtering through the stained glass windows and accentuated by the sweetness of the votive candles, the smell of the incense, the sound of the Church organs. The entrance of the model Chiara Giordano with the appearance of Madonna del Carmine gave the start for the event.

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The temporary feel of “Madonna” is exposed by draping classic, sumptuous brocades and precious trimmings in the collection. There are many references to the customs of the eighteenth century commoners such as overlapping skirts that give volume to the hips, embroidery and handmade lace used on bodices (another regular feature of the traditional costume Lucan female), the mantle that follows the Greek influence and the veil as an indispensable accessory during religious services.

The colors of the collection are dense and mysterious: green oregano, pale pink, pearl beige, gold in all its shades arranged in color combinations that surprise the eye and capture him. Black creates rhythm while red scarlet trace a sensual signature.

Fabrics: organza dubbed with Valenciennes lace, silk taffeta, gazar Abram, lace covered with tulle point d’esprit, silk brocades worked bias.

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Michele Miglionico wanted express with this collection that femininity is a sign of a beauty that comes from within and that maintains all of its charm. A collection inspired by those sacred rites that transform the images of madonna-like women of the ancient traditions of Lucania modern times.

Combining rigor and seduction, Michele Miglionico has created a counterpoint to the tangible definition that allows women to debuke her real character and sensuality.

The event was continued with a cocktail party where guests were able to taste the dishes prepared and narrated by chef lucan Pino Golia and along with regional wines and dessert wines.

The event was also supported by the Pious Sodality of Bakers Italian Rome, the Local Action Group “The Citadel of Knowledge”, the sponsorship of the APT Basilicata, the contribution of Arte Vetrina Roma and Mosaic Casting.

To complete the image of the collection by Michele Miglionico Haute Couture the line was accompanied with the jewelery sculpture Monies (Roma Boutique) in stones and precious materials and the exclusive cooperation of hair stylist Marcello Montalbano and Francesco Vaccarino for the Compagnia della Bellezza and makeup artist Nicola Acella and Antonio Riccardo maison Face Place Rome Academy art director Pablo Gil Cagnè – Baldan Group.

Arte Vetrina Roma collaboration in this project was presented with the mannequins that highlight the clothes put on display.

The designer dedicated his collection “Madonnas Lucane” Holy Year of Mercy proclaimed by Pope Francis, who will open on December 8, 2015, on the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception feast dedicated to Santa Maria Immacolata and love, the Mother Redeemer of man.

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