Fashion Focus: Dancing Team in Vouge.



Anja Rubik by Mario Sorrenti in Vouge Paris


Vogue Paril May 2014

Editorial: “Backstage”.

Photography by Mario Sorrenti

Models: Anja Rubik, Les Twins  Laurent and Larry Bourgeois.

Stylist: Emmanuelle Alt

Hair by Shay Ashual

Make-Up Lisa Butler


Anja-Rubik_Vogue-Paris_May-2014_01 Anja-Rubik_Vogue-Paris_May-2014_03 Anja-Rubik_Vogue-Paris_May-2014_04 Anja-Rubik_Vogue-Paris_May-2014_05 Anja-Rubik_Vogue-Paris_May-2014_06 Anja-Rubik_Vogue-Paris_May-2014_07 Anja-Rubik_Vogue-Paris_May-2014_08 Anja-Rubik_Vogue-Paris_May-2014_09 Anja-Rubik_Vogue-Paris_May-2014_10 Anja-Rubik_Vogue-Paris_May-2014_11 Anja-Rubik_Vogue-Paris_May-2014_12 Anja-Rubik_Vogue-Paris_May-2014_13


Joan Smalls by Terry Richardson in Vogue Japan


Vogue Japan April 2013

Model: Joan Smalls

Styled by George Cortina


Joan-Smalls_Vogue-Japan-06 Joan-Smalls_Vogue-Japan-05 Joan-Smalls_Vogue-Japan-04 Joan-Smalls_Vogue-Japan-03 Joan-Smalls_Vogue-Japan-02 Joan-Smalls_Vogue-Japan-01 Joan-Smalls_Vogue-Japan-00 Joan-Smalls_Vogue-Japan-08


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