Fashion Inspiration: The concept of Illustrations by René Gruau in Dazed and Confused fashion story.

La Cigarette by René Gruau

The line signature of René Gruau flourishes with the numerous inspirations in the fashion world until the present day.  Starting from Christian Dior‘s fashion staple , the captivating illustrations of female profiles and elegant silhouettes to current fashion photography including the latest editorial from Dazed and Confused June 2012.  The  story “A Scanner Darkly” unveils the concept of  fashion illustrations by Gruau with the emphasis into the signature line.  The strong dark line for René Gruau was the indicator of emotions, pace, spontaneity perfectly portrayed on the artistic work. Following the concept of this signature line “A Scanner Darkly” infuses the notion of photography and illustration creating  a peculiar mixed-media illusion thanks to the rough drawing makeup effect by makeup artists Yadim and tousled hair byYannick D’Is . When I saw these pictures for the first time I was in a state of entire captivation both for the mesmerizing tribute to René Gruau and current fashion presentation from pre-fall 2012 collections of Christian Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, and Céline.

“Just a line? But it is the basis of all art, with a single line we can express grandeur, nobility, sensuality, the line synthesizes sensations and concentrates knowledge”

René Gruau 


Dazed and Confused June 2012

Editorial: “A Scanner Darkly”

Photographer:  Daniel Jackson

Models:  Ava Smith, Codie Young, and Madison Headrick

Make up artist: Yadim

Stylist Karen Langley (Total Management)

Hair by Yannick D’Is

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  1. Craig Perry says:

    The drawing is by David Downton, not Rene Gruau.

    1. MagdaLena says:

      Many thanks for your remark. I just changed the image for the right one 🙂

  2. eiffets says:

    Reblogged this on netportfolios.

  3. Brian Moriarity says:

    Fascinating way to look at an image as an illustrator might see it. If you squint they almost look like the Gruau drawings. Beautiful. Thanks!

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