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  • Trend Alert: Beige Bags

    Trend Alert: Beige Bags

    Beige tones keep a special place on a fashion stage. With all their neutral appearance, they become timeless and elegant once applied to the outfit. Beige aesthetics, no matter if they reign on the catwalks or not, can be a great investment for years. We have prepared a selected beige bags from our fashion store […]

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  • This or that: Adidas sneakers styling

    This or that: Adidas sneakers styling

    Stylish casual every day look with beige blazer and classic blue jeans is a perfect choice for transition weather that we are currently in. We have found two pairs of Adidas sneakers and we don’t know which one to choose. Would you like to help us? There are also black versions of both Adidas models. […]

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  • Clean Beauty: Top Lip Stains and Tints

    Clean Beauty: Top Lip Stains and Tints

    Have you ever wondered what’s hidden in your favorite red lipstick? Or do you have a habit of checking the ingredients list from the product? Unfortunately, many popular beauty brands including high fashion names sell products with toxic ingredients and artificial dyes that might be prohibited from common use in cosmetics. We made research about […]

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  • Clean Wedding Makeup Do’s and Don’ts (Guide)

    Clean Wedding Makeup Do’s and Don’ts (Guide)

    Guest post by Lily Bella Weddings are one of the most important days in an individual’s life. Once the date is decided upon, all the preparation from the venue and caterer, from makeup artist to decoration, begins. Everyone wants everything to be nicely done on the day of their wedding. But the two most important […]

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I’m Magdalena and welcome to my world!

I’m an eternal nomad.

I have lived in 4 countries – born and raised in Poland, moved to Greece in my 20s, short stayed in Poland again, moved to Malta, in order to end up in Scotland for 3 years.

Now back to Greece again and feels like home.

My life is full of contradictions – craving for wanderlust and seeking a safe place. Looking to settle down, but knowing that only the sky is the limit. Never settle for less. was born many years before,  as an internal desire to explore creativity in fashion. I always wanted to make it as an inspiring journey into the magical world of the borders, angles, and frontiers of fashion beyond the regime of trends. But then I realized that creativity cannot be restricted to a few categories. You can live a simple life and have an abundance of creativity without joining the sick wheel of the rat race, FOMO, and cancel culture.

I still explore and I still seek newness. I want my to become a beautiful lifestyle journey. If you like, join in 🙂

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Art Lover, Fashion Taster, Self – Educated Portraitist, Freelancer.

Writing is my passion, the opportunity of experiment and the way of creative development. It enables me to reveal uniqueness and creativity in numerous fields of art, fashion, photography, design and many more. I contribute to high traffic website magazines and blogs by writing articles, trend reports, reviews about fashion, art, and lifestyle to the widespread Internet audience.

I am also an affiliate manager working for different verticals – eLearning, beauty, fashion, lifestyle, travel. I used to be a freelance copywriter, article and content writer trying to make a living by composing catchy product descriptions for fashion online stores, fashion brand profiles,  gift websites and writing for blogs.

Thanks to blogging I had the chance to meet and interview (personally or via virtual connection) creative people, fashion designers, and artists to listen and learn about their ideas, visions, and experience.


I am a passionate fashion writer and copywriter with a flair for figurative language and succulent descriptions. I run my own unique web-magazine about innovation, creativity and uniqueness in fashion, photography, architecture, technology, etc. I compose fashion-adorned articles to popular online fashion magazines and I work on catchy product descriptions for online fashion stores with satisfactory results.

Writing about fashion is both my passion and occupation, opportunity to experiment and the way of creative development. It enables me to show uniqueness and creativity in numerous fields of art, fashion, photography, design and many more.

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