Clean Wedding Makeup Do’s and Don’ts (Guide)

Guest post by Lily Bella

Weddings are one of the most important days in an individual’s life. Once the date is decided upon, all the preparation from the venue and caterer, from makeup artist to decoration, begins. Everyone wants everything to be nicely done on the day of their wedding. But the two most important individuals on this day are the bride and groom. All eyes are upon them. Therefore, they need to look fabulous on this day. One disaster that most of the brides had to face on their d-day is makeup. 

Once they look at themselves when makeup is done, around 40% of the brides aren’t satisfied. But due to lack of time, they cannot get their whole look changed. Therefore, they had to compromise their look. But a few tips and tricks can be beneficial if learned beforehand. In this article on Clean wedding makeup do’s and don’t, we will provide you with some professional tips that will make your wedding day a fantastic day of your life.

Clean Wedding Makeup Do’s and Don’ts

The professional tips one gets related to makeup on their wedding are like a boon because it acts as a guide to an individual. These can be helpful to an individual doing their makeup or keeping a check that whether the professional they have hired is doing it correctly. These professional tips are as follows-

Do’s in a Wedding Makeup

  • Do eyeshadow first- It is always recommended to prep eyes and do eye makeup first. This will ensure that if eyeshadow dusts upon the face, it can be easily removed without damaging the rest of the makeup. Another advantage of doing the yes first is that they require a lot of time. Eye makeup is a bit more complicated than the makeup on the rest of the face.
  • Use water and sweat-resistant makeup- Even if you are not a cryer, you should use water-resistant makeup to avoid unwanted gifts later. It will also ensure that the sweating won’t damage the makeup while bringing any bumps and creases.
  • Use mascara before applying false lashes- For a better eye view, one must use individual lashes instead of a strip. Moreover, mascara should be applied to bare lashes to make them settle down. Once you have applied false lashes, apply mascara again, so the false lashes get mixed up with the natural ones.
  • Avoid bringing lower lash line makeup till cuticle- Applying a bit of eyeshadow on the lower lash line will enhance your eyes. But try not to take the eyeshadow till the cuticle of the eyes. This will make the eyes appear smaller and droopy. Keep the eyeshadow cohesive whenever you use it on the top eyelid and bring it back to the bottom.
  • Tip to apply cream blush and setting powder- An important note should be on how to apply cream blush. Using it directly onto your cheek will lift all the makeup, powder, foundation, etc. Therefore, apply it on the top of your clean hand and warm it up. This will prep up the blush and will make it easy to use. Use a fluffy brush to apply that prepped-up blush on your hand upon your cheek. The same rule applies to the setting powder too.
  • Buy your own lipstick- A lipstick should always be in your purse. Because every time you need to drink or eat something, lipstick will fade away. Therefore, even hiring a professional makeup artist, try to bring and use your lipstick. 

Don’ts in a Wedding Makeup

  • Don’t do makeup on a sweating face- Never apply makeup on a sweating face. This won’t let the makeup sit upon the face. Do it in an air-conditioned room. If you don’t have such a facility, do an ice treatment on your face before applying makeup. Ice treatment refers to putting the face in ice water to remove sweat. Ice treatment also helps delay the age effects like fine lines, wrinkles, etc.
  • Not looking like yourself- Do you also want to love your wedding pictures even after 25 years of marriage? Then follow this tip at any cost. The main mantra behind this tip is, Be You. Don’t follow any trend if this doesn’t resonate with you. Don’t go for any makeup if you cannot carry it confidently. Be sure of what is done on your face in person but in an elevated form. If it’s your wedding, an elevated you is inevitable.
  • Trying something new on your wedding day- It is the most common mistake an individual makes on their big day. Avoid trying anything new on this day. If you have bought new makeup products for your wedding, use them before your big day. This is because you need to know how the product sinks with your face and for how long it lasts. 
  • Skipping the rest of your face- Neck, hands, ears, etc., are equally important as your face. Therefore, one should not make the mistake of skipping it. If the rest of the body parts aren’t done correctly, they will look different from your face, and everything won’t combine properly.
  • Going too heavy with your lashes- False eyelashes can make or break the look. Going too heavy with the lashes can be disastrous many times. First of all, they will make you look drunk or sleepy. Secondly, windy climatic conditions have more chances of them falling away. Therefore, it is recommended to use individual lashes. Even if you plan to use a strip, cut them into 3, so they won’t look too heavy.


A wedding is a big day in everybody’s life, and no one wants to spoil it. Therefore, this article on clean wedding makeup do’s and don’ts will make the readers more aware of what looks good and doesn’t. These can be very helpful in avoiding any last-minute surprises. Once you follow them, you won’t regret looking at your wedding pictures even after ten years of your wedding. 

Guest post by Lily Bella

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