Skincare Holy Grails: Clarins Double Serum – REVIEW

Clarins Double Serum


Double Serum by Clarins is a definite anti-aging staple when it comes to one universal cosmetic that copes with several skin conditions apart from battling age control. What’s more, it’s also an absolute global best-seller from the Clarins brand. Be sure that whenever the product is in stock, let alone any promotions, it gets whipped away almost immediately.

There are endless raving reviews about the Clarins Double Serum from skin experts, skin influencers, dermatologists, YouTubers, and so on. The serum is regarded as a complete age control concentrate that works on the five vital skin functions. As a result, the users noticed a more youthful and radiant-looking complexion. The mixture features active plant extracts including a new ingredient, turmeric which is known for its exceptional anti-aging properties. The formula helps you in achieving firmer skin while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 


Personally, I noticed that this serum works for me much better during the winter months. I have a normal to combination skin type. Double Serum by Clarins has a consistency of a light oily emulsion and it was a little bit too much for my skin during the spring and summer seasons. It could easily clog my pores when the summer temperatures are showcased on the thermometer. However, during cold wintertime, Clarins Double Serum was perfect as a skincare base for day and night.

Skin type: All Skin Types
Texture: Fluid
Use: Apply daily to clean face and neck, morning and/or evening, warm in your hands and press outwards over the face, and follow with your moisturizer. The new innovative bottle delivers a made-to-measure dosage with its rotating push button.


There is also a helpful guide on how to apply and use Clarins Double Serum on Clarins website:


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