mooby_09The Mooby Bike by Simone Madella is uber innovative vehicle that totally pushes the boundries of the traditional concept of a bicycle. The design is very unique in comparison to the the wide-spread field of the bicycle design. The sophisticated form is highlighted by the dawnward slant that provides comfortable ride for every urban commuter.  Transformational variety of the Mooby Bike is also underlined with interchangeable panels that can be switched depending on preferences of the creative cyclist. This vehicle is a proof that a personalized bicycle is not only in theory, but presents practical luxury that has both – conceptual design and inventive comfort.

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simone-madella-concept simone-madella-bicycles mooby-bike-4 mooby-bike-3 mooby-bike-2 mooby-bike mooby-bicycle-simone-madella mooby_09 mooby_06 mooby_05 mooby_03 mooby_02 moby bicycle by madella simone

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