DESIGN: Intergalactic table by Brooksbank & Collins.

Boullee-Table-Brooksbank-Collins-4Brooksbank & Collins’ Boullee Table  – exquisite in form and distinguished in concept. The design of this outstanding table is called after the neo-classical architect Etienne Louis Boullee that lived in years 1728 – 1799. He managed to highlight idealistic design of Newton’s Cenotaph. This impressive construction decodes significant formations of time and space through the awe-inspiring  system of form and light.Boullee-Table-Brooksbank-Collins-5

The Boullee table acts as a quintessence of pure form encapsulatd in Newton’s Cenotaph. It is constructed in mirror polished and acid etched stainless steel. The design is composed of  three structural elements – sphere, disc and axial base that interlock in pursuance of heavens’ movement. The intergalactic conception features interstellar horizons and ecpliptical cycle of the planets. Boullee-Table-Brooksbank-Collins-4

Boullee-Table-Brooksbank-Collins-3 Boullee-Table-Brooksbank-Collins-2-chrome Boullee-Table-Brooksbank-Collins-1

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