FASHION FOCUS: Givenchy Faces – Spring/ Summer 2016 RTW.

Givenchy faces_16The tribal attitude mingled with the haute couture dignity is the result of Givenchy Spring/Summer 2016. The intricacy of laced constructions is not only presented on the signature attires, but also on the imaginative masks created by Riccardo Tisci.  The face – wear is designed from precious embroideries – complex and labyrinthine patterns and meticulous oramentation.

Along with the slogan “I Believe in the Power of Love” written in neon lights on the outside wall, we could observe Tisci’s celebration of 10 years at Givenchy.  The collection was the staple of all the archievements that Tisci contributed to fashion – his immaculate taste of haute couture, gothic influences, tribalism that create a perfect harmony between delicate sophistication and alluring zeal. If I could personify the signature of Givenchy under the supervision of Riccardo Tisci, I could choose puma as the animal example. It encapsulates all the attributes of Givenchy – wild and refined sleekness, tempting mystery and romantic ethereality.

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Givenchy faces_1 Givenchy faces_2 Givenchy faces_3 Givenchy faces_4 Givenchy faces_5 Givenchy faces_6 Givenchy faces_7 Givenchy faces_8 Givenchy faces_9 Givenchy faces_10 Givenchy faces_11 Givenchy faces_12 Givenchy faces_13 Givenchy faces_14 Givenchy faces_15 Givenchy faces_16 _A2X0998 _A2X1004 _A2X1030 _A2X1037 _A2X1047 _A2X1063 _A2X1072 _A2X1085 _A2X1106 _A2X1112 CYN_7879 CYN_7895 CYN_7954 CYN_8532

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