BICYCLE: GI FLYBIKE – The fly-folding electric bike.

GI FLYBIKE  – the first fly-folding electric bike that encapsulate all the requisite features for city commuting. Super comfortable, stylish and latest technology – friendly vehicle. sunset, bar

The striking concept of this folding bicycle has also interesting genesis. It all started because of paralyzed streets of Argentina as the repercussion of the national strike of public transportation. This gave a clue to super talented and open-minded creators to design multi-functional bike for city environment. The GI FLYBIKE is the synonym of the independence on the city light, white logo shadow, black logo

Apart from eye-catching and chic look, this amazing bicycle has many useful functions as well including :

  • Unique flyfolding system – the bike folds in only one second motion.
  • Material – made of recyclable aircraft grade alluminum alloy and manufactured with CNC machine.
  • Electric flight assistance – as the electric bike, GI FLYBIKE is assisted by a small electric engine that makes a cycling as a convenient experience. The bike can go 40 miles on one charge of LifePo battery.
  • Smart Phone Charger – the bike is equipped with smartphone charger that works during the driving. The charger activates during the motion f pedals.
  • GI FlyBike Brain – the vehicle can sync with the mobile device while attachement to the bike’s control panel. Thanks to the Gi FlyBike App you can have an access to the most efficient bicycle routes and full view navigation system.
  • Smart Locking System and Sharing System – the smart bike locks itself, when the owner if 15 feet away from the folded bike. There is also a possibility to share exclusive unlocking code with the friend.
  • Anti-Puncture tires and Non-Grease Belt Drive – solid tires that provide smooth riding on any kind of roads.
  • Comfortable Saddle – the one giving an ultimate comfort with a shock-absorbing system and silicone gel inserts.

Images via GI FLYBIKE

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