Fashion Inspiration: Lee Rick 2016 S/S collection “Ceramic Road”.

Lee Rick SS16_1Lee Rick SS16_17The impact of contemporary ceramics iconography and Chinoiserie is clashed with Herringbone patterns and Houndstooth checks. This is the core of the collection “Ceramic Road”, created by talented fashion designer – Lee Rick for Spring/Summer 2016. What is more, word “ceramic comes from the Greek word κεραμικός (keramikos), “of pottery” or “for pottery”. This gives the impression of fragility and homage to folklore as well.

Lee Rick SS16_14Following the utterance of the designer himself about his inspirations,  it’s clearly visible that there is the West-East mixture drifted with the road trip and rebel as shown in “Thelma and Louise”. Here is the designer’s statement about the collection:

“I was inspired by porcelains and ceramics from my travel in Delft and Lisbon where I explored the history of porcelain and cultural influence from east to west.Lee Rick SS16_11

In this collection, I created a story which is a road trip from west to east, inspired by film ‘Thelma and Louis’. During this journey, oriental ceramic objects, ornaments, vases have been mixed with western fabrics such as Herringbone patterns and Houndstooth checks.Lee Rick SS16_21 Lee Rick SS16_17

Chinoiserie style has been created where mixture of eastern and western stylistic elements have been translated into a contemporary look. “

The images are the courtesy of the designer Lee Rick.


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