VIDEO: “MOVING ATHENS” by Jevan Chowdhury.

The video “Moving Athens” moved my heart. Not only because of the specific atmosphere of the city, the mixtures of dances and the captivating concept of main factors  – street, the soul of dance and music in one. It moved my heart because I am very bounded to this place – Athens. I used to live there for almost 7 years …2_Jevan_Chowdhury_Moving_Cities_athens_At first point I was tired of this place – Athens seemed to be too noisy, dirty city centre with hectic life and heatwaves for almost 3 months per year. And the crisis – Athens are immersed in crisis for many years – since my arrival on 2008. The first impression was totally distant from the mythological vision of the cradle of culture, where democracy and philosophy were born and raised. Only thanks to the beautiful ancient sites such as the Hill of Acropolis, Plaka,  Agora or the mysterious Hill of Filopappou could keep the former glory of the city of philosophers.

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However, within years, I started to feel that I’m getting attached to this place. Not to the city itself, but to the spirit of Athens – people. Greeks, foreigners, new-comers, friends, family – most of them had two vital features – straightforwardness and honesty. It was almost one of those feelings like finding the right place in the world. While watching the video “Moving Athens” directed by Jevan Chowdhury, I called over all my memories from my 7 years stay in Athens. It was beautiful. The Synagma Square that I was passing on everyday route to work. Or the mountain terrains in the metropolis environment. The same as the clash of poverty, abandoned places that I saw during my bicycle trips around the city. My holiday trips that had start ups on the port of Piraeus. Walks with friends in the narrow streets in the city labyrinth. Lots of memories …

Enjoy the video:

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