FASHION: Samsung Fall 2015 Lookbook by Steven Klein.

Samsung-Fall-2015-Lookbook-Steven-Klein12The clash of fashion and technology is one of the biggest unknown and the strongest connection in one. Both fields are based on innovation that is always moving forward with the homage to tradition and strong roots.  Both fields crave for spectacular vision, no matter if we mention about aesthetics, practicticality and sophistication. The romance of Samsung with high fashion results in stunning photography of Steven Klein.  Samsung-Fall-2015-Lookbook-Steven-Klein10

The spotlight is aimed at two Samsung products – Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ and Galaxy Note5 that unveils the sleekness and elegance of a smartphone with the high-fashion response. According to Steven Klein’s statement it is believed that devices such as smartphones are impersonal. However, the truth is the opposite. As Klein declares: Klein says, “Some people think of technology as impersonal, but it is actually highly personal and emotional. Technology, like Samsung’s, connects people like never before. It’s this sense of connection that inspired us to highlight the range of emotions that even something as simple as a text message, photo or phone call can evoke”. Samsung-Fall-2015-Lookbook-Steven-Klein08

The images of technological wit are encapsulated by the high fashion models – Bella Hadid and Xiao Wen Ju.  The transformation of models resembles the chameleon charm. The creative direction of  Stephen Gan from V Agency creates a bold message of personification of technology and emotions.



Samsung Fall Lookbook 2015

Photographer: Steven Klein

Models: Bella Hadid & Xia Wen Ju

Creative Direction: Stephen Gan

Images via Fashion Gone Rouge



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