Arvak-bicycle_1Starting from the captivating name, materials used, the shape to unique design, the Arvak bicycle by Keim is definitely innovative vehicle worth to cycle.


As the creators mention, the mysterious name for the bicycle – “Arvak” comes from a mythological creäture – a horse that was pulling the sun on its way across the sky. According to this description, the idea of this one-of-a-kind vehicle  showcases the weightless and noiseless movement  with the slight sound of the whistling wheels. Those who love cycling – including myself – know very well what kind of sound it is and how pleasurable becomes – the sound of cycling freedom. Thanks to the Compact geometry that the bicycle is based on, there is a great room for both – stiffness and weightlessness in one giving responsiveness of technology, precise design and laws of physics.


The inventive manufacturing technique unveils the skies of design’s aesthetics. Thanks to the integration and collaboration with numerous designers and artists, the Arvak machine give a great scope for craftsmanship, artistry and potential  of laminated wood. ALERION – one of the distinctive designs by rewarded French sculptor – Charles Boulnois presents the operative design of wings – inspired by the myths of Pegasus and Hippogriff.


The wonderful bicycle design is not only aesthetics, but also technology. The essential base of technology to be more precise. The design studio Keim merges the wood stability and lightness as well as complex technology.  between 20 and 50 layers of white ash are vacuum-laminated to build the homogeneous monocoque-frame (one single hollow piece) that consists of 20 and 50 layers of white ash that are vacuum-laminated.  Because of the optimization of the wood grain, the outstanding mechanical properties of this wood species are created.  The stunning result of laboratory testing and structural stimulation is managed because of successful collaboration between Keim and CRITT Rochefort and Chatellerault. The bicycles are manufactured in Savonnières in the Loire valley.

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