ARCHITECTURE: Casa Brutale by OPA Architects.

4_Epic-Staircase_postSimple, yet breathtaking – this is the description that encapsulates the architectural wonder by OPA architects. The project represents a miraculous house embedded in the rock. As the Greek – origin designers describe, they wanted to create ‘chameleonic living space’ that has its basis on contrast  – brutal and magnificent in one.


The concept was based on the vision of the futuristic house that will be multifunctional and multifaceted. Hidden from the surface but, firmly placed construction in the rock, is beyond conventional home designs. The roof has a double role because it’s equipped with the swimming pool. The OPA team consists of two architects – Laertis Antonios Ando Vassiliou and Pantelis Kampouropoulos that chose Aegean Sea as the inspiration for the Casa Brutale project. Because of their roots they would prefer to place the design somewhere on the Greek island.8_Facade-to-Aegean_post

What’s more, they are aware of the fact the Casa Brutale is very challenging concept – not only because of the design itself, but also environmental factors such as solid rock that requires reliable engineering. The OPA team collaborated with Arup Group on this project. The philosophy of the designers is firmly rooted in coolness. They believe that their work should be inspiring, challenging and timeless so that their work won’t be easy to forget and people will perceive so-called atmosphere – interior and exterior as well as the materiality of the project.


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