Tech: XDdesign Window solar charger.

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One of the most stylish and practical solutions in one – XDModo solar charger stickers present both. Stylish outline – because of its sleek design that merges with practical solution for travelers and globetrotters that want to stay connected with the world. In today’s fast – pace world lets imagine the situation that you are in the bus or you are on the long journey by plane and your phone is ready to discharged. All you need is to stick your phone charger to the window and let the nature do its best by blessing solar energy.

The device is a 0.68-inch thick Window solar charger which thanks to the photovoltaic panels can be exposed to the Sun from the sticking side. This is also Eco-friendly invention for all routine situations as well – relaxing in the coffee shop, working long hours in the office, etc.

XDdesign Window solar charger.2This amazing invention is nothing more as a  Window solar charger equipped with an ABS plastic case and a PV panel surrounded by silicone pads than can be simply attached to the glass of a window. The phone charger has two USB ports in  full and mini size for portable devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops. The efficient 1300 mAh Li-ion battery manages to reach 13 hours of charging to full sunlight.  The output of the Window solar charger by  XDdesign is 5V/500mA via the included mini-USB cable. What is essential, the device has an in-built over-charge and over-heating protection. The LED-indicator placed on the bottom edge indicates two colors – red when charging the device and green when the battery is full.  Just take a look:

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