DESIGN: BME Design Create A Limited Edition Matte Black Stealth Bike.

BME Design  made a stunning creation of a limited edition matte black version of their Urban Stealth singlespeed bike. The bicycle is inspired by the F-117 Nighthawk aircraft.  Every single bike is built and produced by Brano Meres in Slovakia, and is personalized to the customer with a carbon fiber frame. According to the description:  “The bicycle would be Black, almost radar absorbent. Any eye that caught it would be captured in its dark gravity. With flat paneling it would look like a veiled threat.” 

matte-black-bike_230615_01 matte-black-bike_230615_02-800x533 matte-black-bike_230615_03-800x533 matte-black-bike_230615_04-800x533 matte-black-bike_230615_05-800x533 matte-black-bike_230615_06-800x533 matte-black-bike_230615_08 matte-black-bike_230615_10 matte-black-bike_230615_15 matte-black-bike_230615_16


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