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DESIGN: Lamborghini Impec Bike.


Lamborghini Impec Bike.

One of the most sophisticated, but in the same time expensive bikes were produced by Lamborghini group in 2013 for their  50th Anniversary Lamborghini Edition impec.  What is worth-mentioning is the fact that the bike is plated in gold and encrusted in diamods.


The frame of the bike is designed from bespoke carbon tubes woven into a mesh by robots  a Load Specific Weave, and joined together by patented “Shell Nodes.” The bike is also equipped with Lamborghini bull decal and handlebars wrapped in yellow Lamborghini leather. This is the same type of leather used in the interiors of Lamborghini cars.

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lambobike031 lambobike05 lambobike04 Lamborghini-bicicletta Lamborghini-bike


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