FASHION DESIGNER: The B. by Federico Barrazzo Spring-Summer 2015.


Sublimating classic shapes, figures and images from European military armies, noticeable on the details decorating the clean and balanced linearities, Federico Barrazzo drowns the Spring-Summer 2015 TheB. Collection in all of his customary creativity, generating a new project, aimed at both the female and male universe, without any impositions.

The creations mark a step forward towards the future of the young brand, which finds itself in the process of revolutionizing the previous  rhetorical scheemes, without losing the real essence of its being.
Made in Italy production and minimalistic taste blend together, giving life to long geometric gowns, oversized sartorial t-shirts and also items with more rounded linearities.
Denim, Cotton and Satin mark the symphonic  foundations of the collection, wich are divided in two chromatic families,  each of them  shaping different – and complementary – unisex identities: one, more bold and experimenting, is reflected in the dynamic structure of the dark blue and smokey gray wide trousers ; the other one, polished and sporty at the same time, thanks to a color palette that touches cardinale red, oyster white and nude.
The accessories, in faux leather and tapestry cotton, are  in line with the concept of the collection and display a clear variety in use: the trapezoid shaped satchels can either become one shoulder bags, used as totes, or two shoulder backpacks, to one’s likings.

« This collection is able to accompany people through every single part of the day, starting from non formal settings to the more formal ones, which may require an elegant dresscode; all of this without giving up the appeal of high sartorial craftsmanship. » Federico Barrazzo affirms. The collection becomes a real discovery journey, trough the imagination of the rising designer.

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