FASHION: The mystic futurism of KOFTA BAGS.


The mystic futurism of Kofta Bags is not only mesmerizing in it’s concept, but also highly innovative in it’s functionality, The idea of the collection is based on Marcel Proust saying “The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new lands but seeing with new eyes”.

The design of five three-dimensional forms and practical sense create a perfect combinations of “The Platonic Solids” collection. What is more, the five perfect forms give the base to the Entire Periodic Table of Elements. The Kiev based label is not influenced by the chase of the latest trends, but focused on image presentation and artistic controversy and personifications.

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Kofta_Bags_5 Kofta_Bags_4 Kofta_Bags_3 Kofta_Bags_2 Kofta_Bags_1 Futuristic-Bags-by-Kofta-19 Futuristic-Bags-by-Kofta-18 Futuristic-Bags-by-Kofta-17 Futuristic-Bags-by-Kofta-16 Futuristic-Bags-by-Kofta-15 Futuristic-Bags-by-Kofta-14 Futuristic-Bags-by-Kofta-13 Futuristic-Bags-by-Kofta-10 Futuristic-Bags-by-Kofta-9 Futuristic-Bags-by-Kofta-7 Futuristic-Bags-by-Kofta-6 Futuristic-Bags-by-Kofta-5 Futuristic-Bags-by-Kofta-4 Futuristic-Bags-by-Kofta-3 Futuristic-Bags-by-Kofta-2 Futuristic-Bags-by-Kofta-00 Futuristic-Bags-by-Kofta-0 Futuristic-Bags-by-Kofta-1 Futuristic-Bags-by-Kofta-1B

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