Design: Smart E-Bike electric bike.

smart-e-bike (1)

As the passionate cyclist and sport lover I am very keen on innovations that cirle around the bicycling field.  The latest technology wit from Smart that is fashion-forward simultaneously is a wonderul E-bike invention-Smart E-Bike. Smart collaborated with a specialized electric bike manufacturer, Berlin Based Grace that created super- economical and sustainable The Smart E-Bike. The bicycle has a 250 watt electric motor which gives the opportunity to accelerate the bike at a speed about 25 km per hour and more.

The modern design is the reflexion of streamlined functionality because of the fully incorporated battery and the electric motor as well as the smartphone integration. The device-oriented bike expands the cycling experience with such factors as GPS and information display, current speed, battery charge level and all other vital information including an internal sealed gear system that you may need during the ride .

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smart-e-bike-4 smart-ebike-5 smart-ebike-2 e-bike-smart e-bike-by-smart smart-e-bike-2 smart-e-bike-6 smart-e-bike-5 smart-e-bike-7 smart-e-bike-8 smart-e-bike-9 smart-e-bike-10 smart-e-bike-11 smart-e-bike-12

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