Fashion Photography: Bar Refaeli for Marie Claire Mexico by Hunter & Gatti


One of the aspect of fashion modeling is about keeping the angles while keeping the sensuality of the pose… Bar Rafelli catches both aspects very well – every single shoot is very suggestive, yet not vulgar. The splash of vivid colors only spoices up the sporty vibe on high standards.


Magazine: Marie Claire Mexico

Photography by Hunter & Gatti

Model Bar Refaeli

Styling Alvaro Montano & Alicia Leon

Makeup by Jo Baker

Hair styling by Peter Butler

Manicure by Jenna Hipp

Images via DesignScene

Bar-Refaeli-Marie-Claire-Hunter-Gatti-09-620x825 Bar-Refaeli-Marie-Claire-Hunter-Gatti-08-620x510 Bar-Refaeli-Marie-Claire-Hunter-Gatti-07-620x825 Bar-Refaeli-Marie-Claire-Hunter-Gatti-06-620x466 Bar-Refaeli-Marie-Claire-Hunter-Gatti-05-620x825 Bar-Refaeli-Marie-Claire-Hunter-Gatti-04-620x825 Bar-Refaeli-Marie-Claire-Hunter-Gatti-03-620x825 Bar-Refaeli-Marie-Claire-Hunter-Gatti-02-620x479 Bar-Refaeli-Marie-Claire-Hunter-Gatti-10-620x843

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