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Fashion Focus: Enchanting Imagery in Ines Kozic’s photography.



The fairy tale mystery that merges with conceptual art is the result of sensitiveness of the young and talented photographer – Ines Kozic -the 22 years old artist from that studies at the Fine Arts School of Rennes. Embracing both factors – the immaculate experience from childhood years and confronting the future – the photography of Kozmic faces the unveiling of fragility, enigma, sensuality and  alluring elements of voyeurism.

The artistical isnpiration comes from many sources – recollection from the childhood memories, dark tales, surrealist poetry and quote writer André Breton,  the work of Francesca Woodman, the photographer Laura Makabresku,  favorite dancer – Carlotta Ikeda as well as three movies – The perfume of Tom Tykwer, The Countess of Julie Delpy and Antichrist of Lars Von Trier.

Indulging the melancholic poetry and sensuality in Ines Kozic’s photography , please check also the her

Official website:  http://www.ineskozic.com/

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/Ineskozicdancer

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