Cycling with illume by Nikhil Kapoor.

Cycling with illume by Nikhil Kapoor

Apart from my fashion inclinations as you may notice from the pages of , I am also an avid bicycle rider.  I could say that bicycle riding is my passion somehow, because it started from early childhood years, from the moment I felt steady while driving on two wheels. I remember this feeling of the moment – the lightness of courage when I finally managed to drive by myself.  As as kid grown-up in small city in Poland, I had an easy access to the bicycle routes, forest paths, meadows and dirt roads giving an excellent room for bicycle adventures. Till now, living in Athens, I am not afraid of the city jungle anymore and I conquer the Greek drivers attitude while heading to work with my bicycle. Feeling of Freedom and this feeling of the moment – lightness of courage to go by myself.

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