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Fashion Video: Sandrine Philippe Spring/ Summer 2015 Look Book and Arakhnea Fashion movie.

Sandrine Philippe Spring/Summer 2015 is an uniquely organic collection that knits and oscillates between sensibilities that are human and animalistic. Artisan textile work fused with innovative cuts create the basis for the concept of a ‘second skin’. The collection holds a range of colors that zigzag between off-white and black whilst also addressing a range of worn down greens. Cottons, un-knitted jerseys, burnt leathers, silicone and tie dye techniques combine together creating visual textiles that maintains an aesthetic both profound and mysterious.

‘Arakhnea’ is the fruition of an artistic collaboration between Sandrine Philippe; Parisian Fashion Designer, Marco Chenevier; dance choreographer and director of the franco-italian troop TIDA and photographer Maxime Leyravaud.
A synthesis of expertise, identities and energies, ‘Arakhnea’ presents itself as an atypical object representing a very specific vision of art; the amalgamation of images researched, choreographies and design.
‘Arakhnea’ throws us into a fantastical universe where memories, imagination and time passing are simultaneously merged as well as drawn outwards. Old spaces are inhabited by strange beings, human or wild, floating between solitude and instability, fiction and reality. It is thus that we are questioned about poetry and the beauty of life.
The concepts and aesthetics are very dear to Sandrine Philippe who has long been inspired to create both mens and womens collections based around the idea of time past.
Beyond fashion, the film illustrates how the use and transformation of fabrics is intrinsic in the creative processes of Sandrine Philippe.
Her research and approach provoke strange memories of the past created by the hybridization of masculine and feminine, air and earth, past and future, light and shade and creation and destruction.

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