Fashion Designer: Sylvio Giardina “White Noise” Spring/Summer 2015.

Sylvio Giardina SS15 teaser

Femininity by Sylvio Giardina is one my favourite subjects in fashion. He sets the new concept of woman grace by pushing the boundries in tailorship and implementing the factors of contradictioon forming his own signature.

The latest collection entitled by the meaningful title “White Noise” unveils one of many created Sylvio Giardina by following the Press Release:

“White Noise” embraces all audible frequencies, therefore all colors. The new project shapes white by using different textures, brightening up and creasing on dresses rendered in luminescent satins and 3D brocades. White is absolute, enriched by pictorial injections simulating unexpected shadows and underlining the outfit structure. Other colors – acid green and aqua green – design embellishments following the asymmetrically cut flounces and developing on different lengths, creating a new way to interpret white: they emphasize it, melting and vanishing in the hems of dresses or skirts, giving life to a perpetual movement.

The visual perception of light is heightened by using extra polished fabrics, such as satin woven with nylon threads or black raffia tweed treated with luminescent varnishes. Silk fringes flow from the dresses and dye with color as if reproducing the visible spectrum. Skillfully handmade openwork lights up the body, filtering light to unveil innovative shapes or
wrapped in elastic bands reinterpreting a new classicism distinguished by extensive embellishments to redesign a new silhouette, the designer’s research leitmotif.”

Many thanks to Sylvio Giardina Press Office.  Images are the courtesy of Sylvio Giardina Press Office.

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