Fashion Photography: Magdalena Frackowiak for Vogue Japan by Giampaolo Sgura.


“Her Tribal Majesty” – that was my first impression while watching the pictures from the absorbing story Ancient Songs of Paradise with the leading supermodel Magdalena Frackowiak cunning  playing the role of the Queen of Tribe.

The editorial from Vogue Japan is unveiling the personification of empowered, feminine and savage woman armored with the impressive headpieces and fierce fashion immaculately styled by Anna Dello Russo herself.  The injection of colors, rigid attituted, hard texture and high volume merges all together is a spellbounding mixture of Spring and Summer 2014 trends with the emphasis on Tribal ancestors.


Magazine: Vogue Japan May 2014

Editorial: Ancient Songs of Paradise

Supermodel Magdalena Frackowiak

Fashion photographer Giampaolo Sgura

Styling  Anna Dello Russo

Hair by Andrew Guida

Makeup by Jessica Nedza

Images via

Magdalena-Frackowiak-Vogue-Japan-Giampaolo-Sgura-01 Magdalena-Frackowiak-Vogue-Japan-Giampaolo-Sgura-02 Magdalena-Frackowiak-Vogue-Japan-Giampaolo-Sgura-03 Magdalena-Frackowiak-Vogue-Japan-Giampaolo-Sgura-04 Magdalena-Frackowiak-Vogue-Japan-Giampaolo-Sgura-06 Magdalena-Frackowiak-Vogue-Japan-Giampaolo-Sgura-07 Magdalena-Frackowiak-Vogue-Japan-Giampaolo-Sgura-08 Magdalena-Frackowiak-Vogue-Japan-Giampaolo-Sgura-09

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