Fashion Photography: Eniko Mihalik for XOXO The Mag by Koray Birand.



XOXO The Mag

Supermodel Eniko Mihalik

Fashion photographer Koray Birand

Creative direction by Murat Türkili

Makeup courtesy of Ali Rıza Ozdemir

Hair styling by hair stylist Serkan Aktürk

Manicure by nail technician Pınar Kozan

Images via


Eniko-Mihalik-XOXO-Koray-Birand-16 Eniko-Mihalik-XOXO-Koray-Birand-15 Eniko-Mihalik-XOXO-Koray-Birand-14 Eniko-Mihalik-XOXO-Koray-Birand-13 Eniko-Mihalik-XOXO-Koray-Birand-11 Eniko-Mihalik-XOXO-Koray-Birand-10 Eniko-Mihalik-XOXO-Koray-Birand-09 Eniko-Mihalik-XOXO-Koray-Birand-08 Eniko-Mihalik-XOXO-Koray-Birand-07 Eniko-Mihalik-XOXO-Koray-Birand-06 Eniko-Mihalik-XOXO-Koray-Birand-05 Eniko-Mihalik-XOXO-Koray-Birand-04 Eniko-Mihalik-XOXO-Koray-Birand-03 Eniko-Mihalik-XOXO-Koray-Birand-02 Eniko-Mihalik-XOXO-Koray-Birand-01 Eniko-Mihalik-XOXO-Koray-Birand-17

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