Fashion Designer: Marco Grisola Spring/ Summer 2014


Press Release:

Images are the courtesy of the designer.


Marco Grisolia – Blooming Edge Spring Summer 2014 Collection

Strictness and sensuality. Simplification and decorativism. Once again a stylistic tension pervades the work of Marco Grisolia. The collection – contemporary, but far from mere minimalism – evokes echoes of the past. Alma-Tadema, with his depictions of decadence and classicism, as an escape from reality, engraves the sense of scenic composition and the romantic tone, while in the background stands the garden of the Hesperides with the inaccessible grace of its mythological inhabitants.

The aristocratic length of the wrap-over skirt and the noblewoman rain-coat transfigure the ideal of an ancient beauty with modern cuts and unusual fabric combinations.

The peplum pants, the flared shirtwaist and the sophisticated bustier gown are examples of an apparent formalism, free from asphyxiated codes and characterized by contrasts and oxymorons.

Classicism meets sportswear through asymmetries, cut out and drawstring- hems on blouses and silk jacquard or quilted jackets which are the quintessence of casual chic. A fusion of genre also applied to the fabrics. Organza, tulle and cotton – with its variety of weights and textures – meet technical-taffeta, nylon and flamed denim. The jacquard silk is characterized by geometric pajama patterns and a vibrant floral creasing. The color palette is rich and varied. It includes white – from optical to natural shades- nude pink, blue tones, Sienna brown, chocolate according to green moss, Pompeian red, crimson and lavender accents. Glimmers of gold declare an alternative Baroque. The range of accessories includes cut-out ankle boots and the iconic clutches with eyelet strips making the grip comfortable and firmly. Delicate necklaces and earrings, made by Alecci & Di Paola, blooms like Capodimonte flowers.

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