Fashion Designer: Atelier Loukia “Urban Poetry” Fall/Winter 2012 Collection.

Having a great honour to attend to the magical presentation of  “Urban Poetry” by the legendary Greek fashion designer Loukia at the National Museum of Contemporary Art in Athens, I had the feeling that I was introduced to the lyrical spectacle of pure essence of  grace and elegance by means of sophisticated simplicity.  It’s a very precious and rare concept in the Greek fashion stage opposing to the typical excess of “fashion” form without the deeper meaning. The collection “Urban Poetry” Fall/Winter 2012 became the fusion of the romantic heritage, vintage panache and metropolitan mistress creating the impressive finesse of the collection forming the notion of urban poetry – the melody hidden in the heart of contemporary fashion and art of haute couture. Along with the ethereal chic, nuptial smartness, the cascade of the sequined embellishments, ornamentation of pearls, pleated hints and embroidered intricacy, the silhouettes of the “Urban Poetry” were accomplished with the magnificent head pieces by Nicholas Georgiou and  gorgeous cuffs by Elena Kougianou.

Legendary Designer Loukia with her collection “Urban Poetry” Fall/Winter 2012

Check also the gallery from the fashion show of Atelier Loukia ‘s “Urban Poetry”:

Text and Images by MagdaLena // All rights reserved

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