Fashion Inspiration: HC Project by Sylvio Giardina inspired by Gaetano Pesce


The innovative feel of Sylvio Giardina’s  significance for Fall/Winter 2012/2013 collection  is outlined by the fascination of the silhouette reinvention. By morphing the shapes and volumes, the designer creates a newfangled vision of clothing merging his fascinations of Gaetano Pesce‘s works of the late Sixties as well as Steve McCurry‘s portrait photos. The collection conveys recreation of the classic designs by implementing fresh fashion rhythms along with the feeling of vibration. The line is accentuated with the sophisticated fabrics including wool jersey, expanded polyethylene and organic structures as a must as well a soft refinement of mohair, velvet and wool. The pallete of colors is balanced between South-Eastern Asia shades as the sign of great fascination into Steve McCurry‘s portrait photography revealing black, dove-color, bronze, violet, ivory, turquoise, copper-red, beige, air force blue and different shades of green from another, strictly fashionable angle.


photo Dominga Colonna per
stylist Marco Grisolia
model Eleonora Rio
fashion coordinator Romina Toscano @Studio DModa
hair & make-up Antonio Ciaramella

Note nudity

Images are  the courtesy of the fashion designer Sylvio Giardina

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