Fashion Designer: Angelos Frentzos unveils neon in ELECTRIC YOUTH SS13 Men Collection.


The electrifying collection with the equally captivating title  “Electric Youth”  under the cutting-edge  signature of a fashion designer Angelos Frentzos unveils the concept of neon light.  Within its significance in our lifestyle and perception, the fluid light covers many possible areas ranging from everyday routine to the works of art.  Since the first appearance of neon light  in London, in Piccadilly Circus celebrates the centenary, we may clearly notice that neon became a part of our lives by encountering the vivid palette of colors on the streets, advertising , common light systems as well as visual productivity and creative fields of fashion, art and photography.

The collection through the title and concept expresses admiration in neon impact and its rejoicing of lights. The mood focuses on the hi-profile of sportswear – edgy and cultural with the hint of playfulness.  There is also a continuation of gothic alternative that is a common denominator of Angelos Frentzos’ collections as well as architectural feel of clothing with not so oversize kind of shape.  Take a look!

Check also the ELECTRIC YOUTH Spring/Summer 2013 Men Collection by Angelos Frentzos:


Special thanks to Angelos Frentzos Press Office.

Images are the courtesy of Angelos Frentzos


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