Fashion Designer: Cecilia Ajayi depicts conceptual knitwear in “The Illusion of Perspectives”

Cecilia Ajayi  “The Illusion of Perspectives”

The emerging fashion designer Cecilia Ajayi distinguishes with the conceptual intake into the intricate construction of the knitwear craft. Her fascination about the cubist perception and architectural feel of the clothing are elaborately fused into the concept of her Graduate collection entitled “The Illusion of Perspectives”.

The complex harmony of the collection is visible through the detailed and well planned yet elaborate pattern of the knitwear clothing. With the three-dimensional sense, the garment transforms into the attention-grabbing fragmented structures along with the exceptional use of color palette and their infinite illusion of various perspectives to capture.

Focusing on the cubist art and its captivating characteristics like fragmentation, gradual color blends and multiplicity of viewing, Cecilia successfully endeavored to depict cubist art’s significance by means of the knitwear techniques composing an innovative collection of artistically-inclined, sophisticated and feminine clothing. The attention to detail merged with the creativity forms Cecilia’s signature style portraying her dedicated interest in conceptual fashion inspired by the sculptural and architectural influence. What is more, the collection illustrates both her credo in the craftsmanship of clothing and her endless ability to create three dimensional textiles.

After graduation from Brighton University Cecilia was the winner of numerous prestigious awards including ‘The Clothworkers Foundation Award’ for her knitted fabrics, as well as winning first prize in a collaboration project with Nano Force. She also worked for knitwear designer Juliana Sissions at the Victoria and Albert Museum. This precious experience assisted her in precise understanding how to express her outstanding fashion signature through the synergy of art and contemporary textiles with a wearable factor.


Images are the courtesy of Cecilia Ajayi

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