24K Gold Jewelry Collection “Origin” – the bliss from InterK Luxury Boutique.

Handmade jewelry signified by the passion for uniqueness is the main signature of the InterK Luxury Boutique. The whole coverage about the concept, meaning and collections of this exclusive online destination you may find in our previous post entitled “Into the allure of InterK Boutique”. The worth-mentioning collection of the boutique called “Origin” focuses on the significance of the archaic jewelry craft along with the classiness of the 24K gold. The inspirations of the “Origin” line are based on the depiction of pre-Columbian jewelry. This sublime unveiling results in the refined composition of fascinating styles, captivating swirls infusing the ancestral feel of the accessories along with the modern grace and elaborate constructions including swirls, circles, genuine stones and even catchy designs of coffee beans. Take a look!

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