Fashion Designer: Issey Miyake Pre-Spring 2013

The quintessence of the ISSEY MIYAKE PRE-SPRING 2013 collection depicts the fusion of prints filled with color. The inspirational source of the collection is encapsulated in a diverse palette of birds’ plumage from around the world – starting from bold exoticism of the tropical climate to the earthy moderation of the northern hemisphere.

Based on such fascinations, the fashion house continues on the Japanese finesse signature with the experimentation on textures, innovative constructions and revelation of new pleat merging all the attributes with the varied essence of colors and hand drawn prints. Such dynamic mixture of fascinations and modernity provides an artful evaluation of collage compositions, brush stroke forms and rough lines that become a solid base for prints development in the collection. The stunning effect is a genuine hand crafted outcome that wouldn’t be possible with the use of digital methods only.

Apart from the rich coloration and diversification of prints, the fashion house of Issey Miyake introduces a new composition of a Jacquard pleat containing stretch yarn in their Pre-Spring 2013. The fabric originates from the innovation process that enables a free variation on the width of the pleat structure that can generate beautiful forms. The flexible characteristics of fabrics can freely harmonize with the contours of the body.



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