Fashion Designer: Elise Kim – multidimensional handicraft and dreamy perception in “Epiphenomenon” for Autumn/Winter 2012/2013

Elise Kim is a fashion designer with the affinity to handcraftsmanship and its multidimensional feedback on the garment.  Since childhood she was fascinated with the fabrics, its texture and ability to transform on the clothing form. That is also why she puts a great importance on the quality of the materials that assists her in working on every new collection with the thorough research on shapes, fabrics, colors and prints.

The philosophy of  Elise Kim’s fashion design is based on the handicraft accompanied with the research into the new combination of various fabrics and self designed textiles. The signature is formed by the invention of self made fabrics and their unique and original compositions of the garment. There is also a great scope for experimentation on fabrics including weaving, knitting, laser cutting, embroidery, fabric manipulating, and digital prints.

Elise designs clothes that are based on her style preference and unique sense of exclusivity rarely find in most of the retail stores.  As the result we are introduced into the tough yet feminine silhouettes with the accents on the smart detailing, bold cuts and assortment of fine quality fabrics in overall. The women advocating the style of sleek edginess with the urbane geometry will definitely find their strength of personality in the clothes of Elise Kim.

The latest collection for Autumn/Winter 2012/2013 season is entitled Epiphenomenon as the first part of the trilogy that will be followed by two other collections for the oncoming seasons.  The line is inspired by the interesting perception of a dream as the side effect of a reality. The collection’s concept focuses on the fragmentation of reality when people start to fall asleep. The capture of such moment signifies with surreal abstraction and a feeling of blurred awareness. Transferred into different dimension of a dream, we start to see perplexing imagery.

Depicting the concept of these mysterious dream visions, the collection is conveyed by means of leather, wool, mohair, sheepskin and silk combined in an artistic fusion of texture and materials. The prominence of the line is emphasized by the embroidered sequins and original prints designed by Elise Kim. The femininity feel is defined by the refined tailoring and exclusive selection of fabrics accentuating the sophisticated statement on the whole image.

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