Butterfly Effect – Elza Luijendijk by Ben Toms for Dazed & Confused June 2012

This enchanting editorial featured in Dazed & Confused Magazine for June 2012 definitely blurred the borders between fashion and art. The visuals apart from the butterfly themed aura are enhanced with the outstanding styling and art direction. The model’s face is covered with the butterflies, moths and other winged insects  magnifying a peculiar vision of a otherwordly being or human hybrid. Along with the sartorial masterpieces of Alexander McQueen or  Givenchy among others, the images depict how ethereal concept and impeccable styling that can be achieved through the fashion source.
The editorial resembles the Ad Campaign and video of  EDUN for Spring/Summer 2012 by Ryan McGinley who captured the essence of butterflies’ nature.  Worth mentioning is also the jewelry artist that creates tremendous butterfly jewelry under the name HAREM ROYAL
Photographer Ben Toms
Fashion Editor/Stylist Robbie Spencer
Hair Stylist Syd Hayes
Manicurist Mike Pocock
Model Elza Luijendijk
Set Designer Emma Roach
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