L’ILE AUX ASHBY – graphic magic mixture of “Cosmopolitan Beau”

Clever mixture of art deco, architecture, graphic geometry and pop culture is the indicator of “Cosmopolitan Beau “– color adorned graphic collection under the signature of L’ILE AUX ASHBY (pronounce as “L” “OR” “ASH” “B”).  Manifesting the style of a smart urbanite, the designer Rayson Tan invites us into the enchanting fashion art story unveiling bold graphic accessories and clothing. Precise cut detailing, classy cartoon trig and vivid diversity of colors encompass the concept of the collection in three essential attributes – quality, detail and exclusivity.

Crafted in cohesion with individuality, the collection depicts a medley of shapes revealing their importance in our lifestyles. Architectural twist of squares and rectangular shapes can provide us with the feeling of protection and safety. Circles along with art deco and pop culture inclinations enhance to fulfill the harmony in our lives. Triangular forms convey the dynamism of progression or movement. The fusion of all the influential shapes from the collection establish the state of mind and heart outlining complex yet unique balance.

The creative mind of L’ILE AUX ASHBY, Rayson Tan graduated from Communication Design from LASALLE SIA College of The Arts in Singapore. In 2005 he won Red Dot Design Concept, an international award signifying the prestige of good design in products. Having experience as a graphic designer, Rayson continued his fashion affinity with accessories design. L’ILE AUX ASHBY brand has many publications in VOGUE, VOGUE Italia, Glamour UK, Surface Asia and Refinery29.com.

Rayson believes that design is the welcome mist of air in our environment. “Design envelops us, creating an impact in our daily routine. I have a strong desire to create the best designs that will hopefully revolutionize the way people perceive their surroundings; my intentions are to unlock the eyes and provoke thoughts. I am often spellbound with the world around me and that is where I find my inspiration.” (Quoted text from the Press Release)


Special Thanks to Rayson Tan, the founder of L’ILE AUX ASHBY for help and assistance.

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 Images Credits:

L’ile aux Ashby – “Cosmopolitan Beau”
Model: Natalie |WM|
Featuring Designer: Rayson Tan |L’ile aus Ashby|
Stylist: Mile Supakasem
Photographer: Surachai Saengsuwan

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