Fashion Designer: KORLEKIE – Intricate Craftwork Glamour in “The Labyrinthic Web”

Korlekie is an emerging fashion brand that signifies the style of elaborate craftsmanship in a very sophisticated convention of luxury womenswear. Founded by Beatrice Korlekie Newman – a graduate with a distinction of a prestigious London College of Fashion, the designer with passions for creating refined avant-garde glamour. Merging old and forgotten craft and modern influences of the alternative modernity, Korlekie is regarded as one of the most promising designers in the latest years. Her show under interestingly encrypted name “The Labyrinthic Web” was showcased on London Fashion Week gathering flattering reviews and high opinions about significant signature of Korlekie. The inspiration was taken from the process of UV Mapping – complex 3D modelling process of making 2D image representation resulted in mesh resemblance formations. The stunning effect is based on the advanced scanning technology in 3D with the assisst of software programs to transform face scans into the mesh like structures. As a result, the patterns were used with the digital knit technology that could make the most accurate interpreration of the concept.

Brought up in African culture the designer is highly influenced by the diversity of materials and palette of colors. Focusing on the heritage of African culture, Beatrice expands the craftsmanship subject into her fascination about regal legacy of Tsars and artistic illustration work of Edmund Dulac in “1001 Arabian Nights”, Harry Clarke,  Arthur Rackham and many more. With such references Korlekie introduces us into the intricate world of breathtaking  labyrinths of embroidery, embellished thread variations and imaginative beading.

Thanks to the glamour presence, the Korlekie has also great celebrity supporters wearing her costumes on the red carpet, public events and video clips including Sabrina Washington for her debut single and video OMG, Shinghai Shoniwa, lead singer of British band The Noisettes, Alesha Dixon and Noelle Reno.The collections of Korlekie featured in numerous editorials and digital publications including, Elle, Fault, Dazed Digital, Dolce Vita, Kaleidoscope and many more.

Special Thanks to Beatrice Korlekie Newman – the founder of Korlekie for help and assistance.

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