Fashion Designer: Sylvio Giardina – Autumn/Winter 2012-2013 Collection

Sylvio Giardina, as always continues to express his unique and individual hypothesis about a new femininity. With an insightful focus to the individuality of every woman and diversity of silhouettes, Sylvio successfully unveils a new scheme of a fashion design with fusion of art. The latest collection for Autumn/Winter 2012-13 season is a full expression of designers’ beliefs with fluid continuum of silhouettes, sculptural variety and classic delight into the futuristic inclinations. The costumes are not only a classy presentation with innovative twist. They have a specific expression of embracing the body structure with sinuous trig that forms infinite cycle around the silhouette. The smart detailing of volumes and contours accentuate the style distinctiveness.

The timeless feel is complemented with a distinguished palette of colors framing night blue, black, dark brown, dove-grey and moss-green in the collection. The innovative twist of the designs is performed on the classic fabrics including tweed, cashmere, flannel, wool jersey and organza. There is also an accent of ultramodern touch with the “leitmotiv” of the collections – polyethylene foam that is used for “limited editions” garment creating exceptional signature of Sylvio Giardina with contours and volumes.

Special thanks to Sylvio Giardina and Press Office.

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