United Nude Spring/Summer 2012 – New Comers on the board.

Web Hi

It’s very simple to get indulged into the architectural footwear innovations by United Nude. Extraordinary designs, captivating ideas and strong fashion statement in one indicate the signature of United Nude label.  With the growing community of style enthusiast since the origins in 2003, United Nude constantly amazes with new designs as well as the brand “classics” including astonishing “Fold” models.  The forthcoming season Spring/Summer 2012 designates the idea of affordable luxury of “Sensational Elevation” theme with the conceptual originality visible in forms, palette of colours as well as the sole area. Gorgeous designs include a wide range of newcomers with significant names – Web, 90 Degrees,  Remix and Crazy Lacy.

The Web model specifies unusual framework structure that clashes the idea of classical wedge with the metal web-shaped sole and laser cut leather upper. As a result the optical illusion forms a column of an air in the heel area. The design is also an excellent homage to the intricate miracle of the nature – the spider network artistry.

90 Degrees

90 Degrees as the signature heel is the outcome of the architectural resemblance to the simple symmetry. The design consists of the mixture of materials like leather, wood, rubber and the carbon fiber heel that combine magical effect of 90 degrees angle. The mathematical precision balances between finesse and power of the model fusing the concept of the classical wedge and sophisticated stiletto.

Geisha Hi

Geisha as the previous year revelation of the iconic designs is coming back to the podium with the new edition. Enriched with new combinations of hues Japanese inspired platform presents colour blocking twist and chunky design on high and mid height.

Crazy Lacy

From heel to toe lacing statement defines the United Nude’s flamboyance in Crazy Lacy design. Inspired by classic hiking gear this high-heeled ankle booty makes undisputable fashion statement.

Elastic Remix Hi

Imaginative mishmash of eleven straps put a stamp on the Remix design with vivid set of colours. The design is available in three heel heights merging with the intricate bond of colours blocking straps and textured finish.

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