Harem Royal – Screwpulous Jewelry. Beauty as a weapon.

Harem Royal – Screwpulous Jewelry is an exceptional place where beauty becomes a weapon according to its inseparable innate power. The camouflage of romantic ethereality clashing with unrestrained vigor of the nature capture all the juxtaposed factors of Harem Royal – delicateness of butterfly wings and strength of the precious metals, past influences and the homage of the present, softness of the perception and majestic cruelty. The creative mind of Harem Royal – Srdjan polished his creative background as a costume designer in theatrical environment continuing rich experience in the movie industry. Seeking for true knowledge Srdjan believes in sublime – “the beauty that settles for nothing and forgives no one. Beauty as a weapon. This profound blend morphing with combustible attraction.”  That is a complete depiction of femme fatale idea – the beauty that astonishes with uniqueness and besets with fierce. To acknowledge it means playing with the sharp edge of the razor blade. You are aware that the smooth surface of knife may end with cruel consequences but nothing can restrain you from touching the rigid blade. That goes along with the concept of Harem Royal that unifies meticulous craftsmanship with the dramatic touch of Medieval, Gothic and Neo Victorian refinement”. In order to find the balance between seductive nature of Orient and Western’s craving for power, Harem Royal main aim is to acquire an absolute contentment of the woman with her contradictory individuality and secret desires.  
The craftsmanship of Harem Royal is hidden in the handmade production that joins passion for artefact, astonishment of the innate transformation and weapon ardor influenced by pagan beliefs, Greek mythology and Jung’s- oriented perception of psyche and awe-inspiring majesty.
The jewels are made of mixture of precious metals including copper enriched with the palette of finishes ranging from the fines 24-karat gold plate to cupric patina in different forms. The striking ornamentation taken from the nature like exotic skins and fur, genuine butterfly, moth, dragonfly wings and pearls signature the exclusivity with eco friendly solutions. The collection is the response to the beauty of metamorphosis filling the gap between vulnerable chrysalis stadium and indestructible final.
When I encountered with the beauty of Harem Royal I was completely mesmerized with the concept not only because of the rate of my sensitiveness and secret desires. It was this specific kind of similar experience from my early years recited with poetic easiness by the creative mind of Harem Royal – Srdjan. He described the most important influences in his creativity through innocent amazement of childhood over the nature and all attributes that completely absorbed my own, pure, unpolluted feelings as a child – sunny days on the countryside, the smell of the meadows, aroma and softness of the humid soil, cool shadow of lush forests. You read his bio like a fascinating novel that instills your imagination with new realities. There is this entrancing power of rich influences from tradition that speak with unction about passion for nature, uncontaminated approach and perceptible supremacy of experience during childhood years. There are like whispers from the upbringing fascinating stories, the aura of the countryside, magnetic impressions of sun on the ocean, lonely walks by the coastline…

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  1. I am not likely to state what everybody else has already mentioned, but I actually do would like to discuss your comprehension from the subject. You are truly well-informed. I can not think just how considerably of this I just was not conscious of. Thanks for getting far more information for this matter for me. I’m genuinely grateful and definitely amazed.

    1. MagdaLena says:

      Many many thanks for your comment. This article is very special for me because of the Harem Royal subjet – the artistry and philosophy behind Harem Royal inspired me and recollect my childhood years. I knew that it can’t be just a simple description about jewelry brand, I wanted to transfer my facinations, show its different dimension, just how I felt. I am very glad that I could give you positive feelings as well.

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