Fashion inspiration: Sea creatures in Alexander McQueen’s Spring/Summer 2012

Remarkable collection of underwater thesis merged with the dignity of the ice queens was presented in a magnificent fashion translation stamped by Alexander  McQueen for Spring/Summer 2012 season. Sarah Burton, the creative mind of Alexander McQueen’s brand was highly inspired by the sea – one of the most beautiful and awe-inspiring wonders of the nature. The cast of mythological sirens and glorious sea creatures followed the aquatic influence with the intricate, well-detailed masterpieces, complexity of forms and its multiple interpretations on fabrics. There was supremacy of lightweight materials like silk chiffon, organza and tulle giving the feeling of softness and finesse. The fabrics outlined the nature of the waterfalls, sea foams,oyster like designs, coral Raff forms implemented on the gowns  The palette of colors had very gentle and romantic feel with the scope for white, shell pink, silvery lilac and peach hues to gold opulence of matelassé Jacquard and strong coral-red. There was also a space for the signature of Gothic black in fetish transition of laser cut leather with lingerie detailing. Very interesting accent was presented through the lace headpieces. With the top-to-toe concept, the innovative treatment expressed the dramatic illusion of the sea.
The fashion show was the art presentation blurring the line between reality and theatrical performance depicting nymphs, ethereal beings and aquatic creatures.  Balancing among mathematical precision,couture artistry and costume design Sarah Burton managed to continue the legacy initiated by McQueen himself with the DNA of the house.  
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Photographed by Kevin Tachman
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  1. Mia says:

    Thank you so much for the post, it was interesting reading.

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      I’m glad that you are fond of my article 🙂 Thank you very much

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  2. @oudia says:

    Sarah Burton just keeps the AMcQ fire burning bigger and brighter. I’m absolutely blown away by these designs. Each and every one of them.

    1. MagdaLena says:

      I absolutely I agree. Sarah Burton enhances the power of Alexander McQueen. She builds up the legacy of the genius, exploring her own 🙂

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