Sylvio Giardina for Limited/Unlimited by AltaRoma – The Hip Dress

Sylvio Giardina, the creative person that several times featured on EdelScope, is definitely our favourite artist who with his unique signature brings the synergy of fashion and art. Sylvio as a couturier, fashion designer and visual artist in one, experiments on patterns, forms and use of exceptional fabrication in order to create a new vision of femininity.
His latest project for the 4th edition of Limited/Unlimited exhibition by AltaRoma focuses on the Homage theme by introducing The Hip Dress. The exhibition created by Silvia Venturini Fendi for AltarRoma spotlights on the promotion of best emerging talents of the Made in Italy brand. The Homage topic of the exhibition project aimed at creating an object of desire that may give a solely tribute to an incomparable contributor or captivating concept.
Following this idea, SylvioGiardina was inspired by ElsaSchiaparelli, an exceptional figure of fashion design in the 20th century. The designer reflected on Schiaparelli’s affinity to eccentricity and extroversion with his outfit project. The Hip Dressis a blue crepe candy suit ornamented with huge butterfly decoration made of Swarovski crystals and sinusoid folding that accentuates the silhouette. The long sleeves transform into gloves ended with embroidered sparkling pink nails.
As a result, the unique design mirrors the extraordinary nature of Schiaparelli as a fashion designer – breaking the traditional point of view on high fashion and praising woman individuality in an artistic expression. ElsaSchiaparelli’s uniqueness and creativity focused on experiment were highly influenced by the Dadaism and Surrealism enumerating innovative designs like the iconic lobster dress, sculptured buttons, mise with the newspaper print design or the shoe hat.
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