Leather statement: Preview from the Fall 2011 Part I

They say:“better late than never” – I planed to write such post about leather statementon the Fall/winter 2011/2012 catwalks since late August. Nevertheless,Fall/Winter is on its full chase to the middle of the season and it seems to bea perfect timing for release as a December roundup.
Leather isone of my desired subjects in fashion because of its dignity, edginess andtimelessness – check

Vintage Leather ind. – Vintage Journey with Fashion time machine.

 I am absolutely under a great impression of the latest modificationsin fashion of this traditional yet timeless material because of its versatilityand adaptability. It is one of few statements giving the impression of strengthand chic to the look. There is also a great room for fetish influences as well.There are designers who used the leather like a tool sculpturingdifferent forms, releasing numerous messages and giving a great significance totheir own trademark. These designers’ work makes my heart meltingbecause of their approach to fashion treating it like a form of expression notlike a chase of the latest trends.

AnnDemeuleemester Fall/winter 2011/2012
Ann Demeuleemester created a poetic vision of modern army of amazons, bird-like creatures and mythological fauns armored in leather ensembles, feather headpieces and goat furs and chains. The show was accompanied with the melancholic melody of Erik Satie’s piano compositions entitled “Trois Gymnopedies” though the finale of echoes of Black Swan by Tchaikovsky . There is a great range of unique leather pieces – musketeer gloves, wedge boots, leather belts with bandoliers with feathers instead of bullets, leather leggings, and deconstructed lacing girdles and one-of-a-kind collars.


JunyaWatanabe Fall/winter 2011/2012
The catwalkof Junya Watanabe presented the sculptural modifications of the leather jacket –hybrids of cocoon shapes, cape designs, coats, suits and leather dresses withNew Look theory behind. The carving concept of the leather is also stronglyvisible in other parts of ensemble – textured tops, voluminous dresses, drapedplaysuits, crinkly pants and skirts.


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